Pro Players Update

May 15, 2016

Hey everyone!  I updated the database of pro players today (used on the pro page).  It should now include almost all current professional players.  One cool thing people often don't realize about this feature is that it will also find games being played on smurfs.  For example, the page will display "Hai", even if Hai is not playing on his main account.  There's still some work to be done though… Read More...


August 21, 2015

Hey everyone, Today I'm releasing a huge new feature I've been trying to create since I first started the site, it's a service that finds online pro players (including their secondary accounts) and lists them with links to spectate them. The only caveat to this is that the game finding script takes a few minutes to complete, meaning some games may have ended before the script finishes. Because of this,… Read More...

Riot API Challenge 2 – Looking for a Partner

August 13, 2015

Hey guys, I'm thinking about participating in the second Riot API Challenge (see Riot's announcement) and I'd like a partner to assist with backend PHP development. Ideally, a partner would: - Have Git and PHP experience, other languages are a plus. - Have proven experience. - Live in the United States (to avoid timezone difficulties.) - Be creative and have good ideas for projects. I am willing to handle design… Read More...