Pro Players Update

Hey everyone!  I updated the database of pro players today (used on the pro page).  It should now include almost all current professional players.  One cool thing people often don’t realize about this feature is that it will also find games being played on smurfs.  For example, the page will display “Hai”, even if Hai is not playing on his main account.  There’s still some work to be done though – you may still notice that some pro games will not be found if you try to spectate them.  This is because they have ended during the time it takes for the program to find out which players are in game.  Just try another if the first doesn’t work!  Aside from this, I’m going to be adding support for the PBE and Japan servers soon.  I will update here and on Facebook / Twitter once it is available.

One other note, I just noticed the twitter bot broke.  I’ll be working on fixing that soon.  Thanks and happy spectating!